Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creme Brulee

This makes me want to go home and make some.. the prob is the waiting. I can't wait 4 hours or overnight to eat them, I want to eat it as soon as it's done. Creme Brulee is so damn delicious with some fresh raspberry's and/or strawberries. My mouth is watering. I had some last night at the Rokerji and it was delicious, but $10 a pop is ridiculous. It's really not that hard to make-watch the video!


Rowan said...

no strawberries please

make mine with rasberries please :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Ok.. I'd DEF do that for you Rowan, but ONLY you because you are my favorite Biscocho!

Dave "2¢" Derelicto said...

My favorite desert.