Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I tried to be productive last night. I started to make this pair of earrings for a gift, but after I finished I realized that I don't know if she would like them-they are a bit long and wild. I will try another pair tonight. They did turn out quite nicely. My dog Ruby who is 60lbs kept crawling up onto my lap while making them-she was acting real weird last night. I also re-watched an old Ingmar Bergman film called VIRGIN SPRING. His movies are pretty deep and half the time I don't understand them. This one was prob the easiest to understand but pretty sad. My favorite line from the movie is "a bird on the wing finds something, while those who only sit still only find death" here's an Arcade Fire song that's set to the's actually quite fitting! Max Van Sydow is a fucking stud in this film.


woodenheart said...

good song. i like the organ or whatever that sound is.

woodenheart said...

duh, i forgot to mention that those earrings are purrrrty!