Friday, August 13, 2010

How Not To Make Pasties.

Well last night I decided to keep busy and by making Cheese and Onion Pasties and Creme Brulee. I've never made a pasty before! I don't think mine really turned out looking like a Cornish Pasty, it turned out looking more like a crazy American on crack pasty. I also had another problem..... THE FILLING! It was so delicious that I filled up on it and by the time it was time to eat a finished one I could only take a few bites because I was too full. I froze the others. I have yet to taste the Creme Brulee. I will today at lunch (I brought one from home, along with my torch-if I don't get paid today maybe I can go postal with my torch). My kitchen alone is something out of a horror movie-so MUCH STUFF and there's no air in that part of the house so it's like 100 degrees in there.

I started by chopping the onion and potato

Then frying the onion and potato with a dollop of butter for 15 min's at high heat.

I mixed the cheese, egg, salt and pepper (I had no parsley so I left that out)

MMMMMM.... Onions and Potato's..

I think I bought the wrong kinda pastry shell but I made them work for now. I flattened themout with my hands bcuz I realized I do not have a rolling pin and I didn't have anything that was even close to one-the broom stick was too narrow. (kidding)

OH, sorry for the dark photo--we also have no lights in the kitchen besides one we had to rig up bcuz the electricity doesn't work in part of the kitchen. this was all I could eat due to filling up on the filling. I'd def try to make them again, this time with the right kinda dough.

ooh and the Creme Brulee. I will most likely be eating all of these myself. I was busy from 7pm until 9:30 pm making all this stuff. I tried to play on the computer for a bit but I had to keep running back and forth to check on my stuff-I'm notorious for burning shit and leaving the oven on. Rowan, I bought raspberries just for you so HURRY over to the States so they don't go bad ;oP


Rowan said...

ok i'm on my way... but promise not to burn the rasberries

oh and i'll bring HP brown sauce... gotta have that on the pasties

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Ok... I promise! I don't cook the raspberries.. I'll just put them on top.

yes, def don't forget your brown sauce!!

Unknown said...

Nice. Jessie's birthday today, bring those over!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Mark, it's my sisters bday today as well! Tell Mrs. Jessie I said happy bday!

Unknown said...

How about you bring those pasties over