Monday, August 30, 2010

"I'm On A Boat"

We went to Bartlett Lake yesterday to celebrate my friend Ania's husband's Bday. My roommates parents have a pontoon boat that we were able to take out so that made it even better. We only had one mishap- the boat wouldn't start again after we stopped at the lil convenient store on shore and then it started to DOWNPOUR on us. Thankfully the engine started up again and we were able to make it back to the dock.

Ryan and Ania. Ania's due to have a baby in 5 Weeks!

Me and Sonia

I have had this vintage bathing suit for a few years and have never worn it. I now know why-it's not very good to swim in.

Don't fret, it's just a big ol' hot dog.

Tom was having fun on the tube until his shorts fell off because he forgot to tie them. Pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

WOW sounds so cool ! But where is the alcool ? ;)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I know huh? Surprisingly we didn't' drink that much! In Arizona if you have 2 alcoholic beverages and get pulled over you are considered drunk!!