Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Jarvis Cocker
"We are famed for our care of some of the nation’s most visually stunning locations; from castles and gardens to great swathes of coast and countryside, which are often promoted as havens of tranquillity. But the release of our new album is the first time that the very sounds of these special places have been given their place in the spotlight.

Jarvis Cocker, best known as the former front-man for the band Pulp, has worked with us to produce the album, entitled National Trust: The Album, comprising of British natural sounds including birdsong, crashing waves and wind breezing through a country garden." listen to it here .quoted text from there as well.I love Jarvis-so sexy in a nerdy tall and skinny way just how I like 'em

This song is great.. and I should have listened to it more than once when it came to boys. The video is pretty funny as well.

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