Friday, August 20, 2010


I added a new vintage blanket to my collection (prob is, these old wool ones are super duper itchy) and also made chili. It didn't taste that good to me tho-I keep thinking I forgot something? I put garlic, tomatoes, yellow and green pepper, corn, onion, chili powder, salt, pepper, ground beef, this chili prep mix thing by Bush's beans that I thought i'd try and butter beans. My friend Jamie puts a chunk of dark chocolate in hers and it's delicious.. i'll have to try that sometime.


Anonymous said...

nice old hudson's bay company of Canada's greatest esports.
I always put a little sugar into chili, maybe that is what you ae missing.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks.. ya know I think this one might be a generic one bcuz it says JC Penney on the tag along with some other words-i'll have to look again.

Sugar! that's right.. that helps with the acidity huh? ;o)

Haley said...

Everybody has their own recipe but my roommate says I make the best veggie chili ever....and I hate pain in the ass vegetarians (hahaha ;))...I usually make it w/lots of meat, no sugar though. Looks from the picture like maybe not enough pinto beans?...looks yummy at least.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I added butter beans and left a can of the kidney beans out. I will try to add it to the rest I think it needs more tomato sauce, it's too watery tasting. You'll have to make me chili when I'm in Chicago sometime