Monday, August 23, 2010


Keane score at the Salvation Army-got both for $22.50.

I should have just bought these but I put them back. I wanted to buy them for my friend Harold. Don't you hate that when you regret NOT buying something? I'll have to go back when I get paid and hope they are still there.

I DEF should have bought this.. maybe It would help with a future spouse? Prob not.. I scare all the boys away with my hyperactive mouth.

(funny rap remix)


Rackk and Ruin said...

AMAZING thrift finds!! those two Keane prints are fantastic. I would kill to have them in my house. oh so creepy.

Rackk and Ruin said...

aaah, just watched the sesame st rap. . . so freaking awesome. . . need. to. repost. now. xx

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha ha i cracked up watching that Sesame Street video.. so silly. Thanks for the kind words. Keane's work is amazingly creeeeepy ;o)