Sunday, August 8, 2010


Waylon Jennings is buried in Mesa AZ. I didn't know what to do with the rest of my Saturday so I took myself on a lil trip out to find his grave. At first I thought i'd never find it bcuz there are thousands of graves there. Thank God for internet on your phone and google-I found it. R.I.P


Initials BB said...

gotta say, i'm a little disappointed in the headstone. i think it needs "more". btw i know of some gal who takes in injured wild birds if you have problems rehabbing the quail. i've taken messed-up birds i've found to her before, her house is like a giant aviary.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

update on bird. I just brought it outside after it relaxed a lil bit in my room and it flew away and seemed fine! YAY!!

also, i'm guessing he didn't want a big fuss over his grave-perhaps he wanted it to be simple? ;o)

Initials BB said...

noooo. it needs to have a life-size marble carving of waylon and it must continuously play "ramblin man" on a loop from hidden speakers!! :D