Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"See this helmet? this is my helmet, in fact let me rephrase that, this used to be my helmet. Our friend Paulo of Joe King Speedshop made me this beauty and then bought it with him to NYC from Brazil, what a splendid fellow, it really is a thing of beuaty, a true one off design. Anyway, it went 'missing' in Brooklyn, someone 'borrowed' it, I would like it back. If you happen to see someone wearing it do me a favour and punch them right in the eye please." via DICE Magazine. If you have any info or have it contact Dean or Matt at DICE
Because you know if you are seen wearing this and you stole it that something very bad may happen to you by the Karma Gods- like a bird will fly into your face or your bike will suddenly self combust or you will have a skinny girl with glasses jump on your back and bite your ear off.

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