Monday, September 13, 2010


How funny is this vintage chambray Levi's shirt? A Volkswagen bug, a bottle of booze, a flame breathing dragon on the back, spider web,owl and faucet spout! HA.. I had to buy it at the thriftstore. I know I just complained about not being able to find much these days but this was a good day esp since it was only $2.98.

And more good news-I went to Buffalo Exchange and I made $96! I have been going thru my closets and getting rid of a lot of clothes, esp vintage that I don't wear any longer. I can now use that money towards my bike. I also couldn't resist using $8 of that money while at Buffalo to buy this Vintage Betsey Johnson ALLEY CAT shirt!!! Her Alley Cat line had some raaaad stuff.

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