Monday, September 27, 2010


Out my back door.

Stopped by Bob's Cycle to return a battery and pick up a part for the bike. I brought my friend Virginia with me and the guy that went out into the yard with us to find the part (gangsta looking guy with lots of tattoos) asked us this on our way out "I have a question for you guys, it's a bit personal so if you don't want to answer it you don't have to and I totally understand" we're like "Ok, sure what do you want to know?" and he says "are you guys hippies?" HIPPIES? WTF! Ha, what's the big deal with that question? We really think he wanted to ask if we were lesbians but chickened out-two girls with short hair, one with lots of tattoos and he comes up with HIPPIES?

Me, Virginia, Meg, dunno who that girl is, Janet and Sonia

Virginia, Pringle and Meg

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