Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This guy is performing "Bloodletting" on the other guy
And this guy is enjoying water torture at Sing Sing Prison
These lil kids are having fun in their gas masks in Berlin
This guy is posing with his deceased family in a ghost like portrait, pretty neato.

This dude, eh.. he's just an ACE Fighter for the notorious N.A.Z.I.. gang
The Burns archive is simply amazing.. there are so many more pics but I didn't feel like screen shotting them all for you so go here to see them all. You will NOT regret it.


Chris said...

I think that is Erich Rudorffer

Anonymous said...

Love the last.
Yesterday evening there is a nice report about the utilisation of "speed" on Weirmacht during the war. Nazis under "speed" so weird ha ha ha !!!