Saturday, October 23, 2010


I thought it was a good idea to drink Vodka at home last night, Turned out to not be such a good idea. I'm sending my sister the rest of the bottle. I now know why I stick with Whiskey and Wine. I did make myself a yummy dinner for one-meatloaf and green beans that were sauteed in garlic and onion. The smell of garlic and onion is the best.
On a different note, I love the photos above. How do they do that? How come when I take a photo it doesn't turn out like this? Perhaps they are using a $10,000 camera, where as I'm using a $800 digi-I know a good photo can be taken even with a shitty throw away camera if you have the eye...but I still wish you were mine....I accept donations ;o)

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