Monday, October 4, 2010

Gross Things VS Cute Things

Ugh, this lil fucker was crawling above my closet. I think I'm pretty much ready to move now. The thought of them in my bedroom at night when I'm about to go to bed gives me the creeps more than anything. Ugh. I wasn't able to catch it either, it went in the vent so I grabbed the closest thing I had that I thought would deter it.. WD-40-double yuck due to the smell now lingering in my bedroom. I'm such a GIRL!

My pretty lil babies, tired after a day at the pool

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buzzy sullivan said...

Holy Fuck!!! This is why I live in the Northwest. We don't have those creepy things. If that thing crawled on me while in bed I would have a fucking heart attack and shit my bed instantly. God Speed solider.