Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is Larry our landlord. He's doing all the work on the house by himself pretty much-this week he built the walls for the new section of his house that he'll eventually sell. It's neat being able to see it all come together, not so neat to live in a construction zone and to get 3 flat tires from the random nails that his old helper left around the property. I swear I've gone thru the driveway 100 times and I STILL find nails. I think it's hot when guys can build/make things-HOT! Did I mention he's 62?
I thought I'd try to plant some seeds, carrots above and cucumbers below.

It's hard to see all the tiny dents all over my car from the hail storm in this photo. Black cars are a bitch -they show every single flaw usually-esp if you have bondo or any repairs done-which my car will soon have. I do love the smell of bondo, I hate the smell of Clear tho or whatever it's called-yuck. My Dad used to do a lot of bodywork in the garage when we were kids and the WHOLE house would smell like that shit.

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woodenheart said...

the second to last photo is trippy. i love the last one!