Sunday, November 21, 2010

DC Ranch.

Our landlord has done so much.. our time is running out. January. The pic above is a photo of the Master Bedroom.Did I tell you that he did ALL this pretty much by himself. He's 62 years old-he even raised the walls by himself-so cool. He bought this house to fix and turn. A New York Architect designed the house. The Landlord lives in Telluride and he drives down every few months and does a week or two of work.

The garage down below and the Master and other bedroom above the garage.

This is the house looking up from the street. Soon the middle section will go up (mid December) and then the roof will come off the main section that my roomie and I are currently living in (the far right) in Jan. Then the house will go for sale for 1.3 million or something like that. Crazy! We've been pretty lucky so far to be able to stay at this great property. We hear the coyotes scream at night and can go hiking right out our back door. It will be missed. ESP since I might have to move to Goodyear with my folks to pay off some bills or until I can find a better paying job or rich boyfriend. Both are pretty far fetched.

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