Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

The jacket on the left -I think it says it's ACNE
The man that has this tattooed on his hands.. I like to look at this photo over and over-I wonder who these hands belong to?
Alana Zimmerman's hair color.

This pretty lil perfect house..I believe they said it's in Santa Cruz, CA
They are off their fucking knocker tho.. $5,000 for these red leather pants? here Balmain. I can still pretend I will find a knockoff for $19.99
here Holy Moly Python BOOTS!
Naughty.. here
Ahhhhhhhhhhh here

This stand is so darn cute too bad it's $249. My Grandma liked Kewpie dolls so it reminds me of her.

Via Opening Ceremony-Links below

I can't get enough of this song by Florence and the Machine. The other one I just threw in bcuz it fit with the title.

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