Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Imaginary Ebay Shopping Spree

Woah! Size 7 tho-here
Oops, this one was on ebay also but I forgot to link it.
Ebay wowwww
It would be nice to have one of these jackets for my trip to NYC next month. I'm going with my friend to celebrate his bday and we are going to prob get kicked out of New York. I DEF want to check out TopShop, tho I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed by their high prices in the States. I also really want to go to Obscura Antiques & Oddities just to look in awe at all the cool creepy things. McGoo will have to put one of those Kid Harness' on me so he doesn't lose me in the big city.


Sunshine said...

my step-mother has that first Pendleton. it is so nice in person! she won it at a charity auction

also those boots KILL me

cosmic visions said...

WHOA! those boots and coat # 2 are soooo badass. nice finds