Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Holiday

We made finger puppets.

This is what I'd wake up to! A bed full of lil ones that wanted to play.. oh, and Chi Chi! My hair looks so funny. I'm one of those people that wakes up with Einstein hair. Jaz has the cutest kids EVER! I was offered the job as their Nanny but my only prob is Ruby-my Boxer. Not so sure she's good with babies so I wouldn't be able to live in the guest house. I looked at places to rent in the Culver City/Venice area and SHIT, I don't know how ANYBODY is able to survive in California. Bummed me out that it's SOOOOOOO pricey.

This is the super nice cheese basket Jaz made for BK for X-mas. Some of that cheese was SOOOOO STINKY!!!

We made Xmas dinner. Here's Jaz with the Roast that we totally undercooked. I also made candied yams and spinach and we had delicious Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert.

This is the cute lil one they adopted from Ghana. She's so sooo smart!

OH, BEWARE if you are coming to Phoenix or going to Cali-the I-10 is down to ONE lane in both directions about 55 miles out of town-major traffic delays. I'd say it'd be smart to go super early or super late. Hope you all had a nice holiday! For some reason my camera totally sucked this trip and most of my pics are blurry or the flash wouldn't go off. Grrrrrr

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