Monday, January 17, 2011


My friend Chris of Infernal Combustion

See what I mean? Blurry-silly me had the camera on the wrong setting half the time. This is what things looked like late Friday night- a bit fuzzy.

Bean're!! Oh and I spay Allen from Lady Hump

Ryan and Chi Chi (above-Ryan's the coolest! His site is Alien Poison ) and Meg and Rick (below)

Ok, I can't post all my pics yet..these are mostly people pics. I need to wait to see which ones will be used by a friend on his site. I didn't do too great of a job (as you can tell by the ones above) because I thought it was super smart to get super wasted the night before with everybody and so I was a bit off the whole next day. I did get a few good ones tho, so don't fret.


So'full Garage said...

Cindy, looked like a good time. Anxious to see more photos too!

Chris said...

looked like fun!!!!

BoBo Jufat said...

That WAS super fun! You meet the nicest people in Arizona, all of them are white(?), but still... I never saw so many over the hill 50 is the new 30's tanning salon'd former news anchors in all my life. PLUS, I NEVER SAW A DOG TAKE A SHIT IN A BAR BEFORE!!! Thanks Cind~