Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet Lord.

Kick. Ass. I saw these over on Etsy. I love vintage bell bottoms. I have sold off so many good pairs but the prob with the old ones is they have ZERO stretch at all and are pretty uncomfortable to wear. I actually tried on these (not the ones above) 7 for all mankind bell bottoms at Anthro and they look/fit really good but $$$$$. If anybody works there and can get me their 40% off discount I'd be happy.


Anonymous said...

omg so fierce!

Sjaar said...


Lonesome Mama said...

Oh goosh, lov'em!

Sunshine said...

Dude send me your size info and i'll try to grab you a pair of vint Navy bells at the warehouse. they are high-waisted, big flare, and nice worn denim - much lighter weight than your 517 big bells.
And they are $15/pr. if they don't work on you in person you can always resell..

last week my boss gave me a pair of 517 big bells that have tons of damage and are worn in comfy. i love them so dearly. same silhouette as the ones in your pic