Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend Wez built this 1981 Yamaha SR250 for his wife Meg. He also took the photo above of her on his cool lil Honda 160. They are awesome.


Stone said...

Is the top a YT160?
A few years back I saw some dude with one in his pickup. I followed him home, struck a deal, and walked out $200 poorer.
I took it home, tore it apart...
And then shoved it in boxes in a shed.
Eventually I gave the motor to some kid to use in a kart.

I've still got a few parts kickin' around, though... like the bitchin' headlight bucket with speedo dumped into the top...

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Wez said "The motor is a stock CB160, and I put pod filters on it. I added the
clubman bars, made the cafe seat, put a new exhaust on it, rigged up
rear sets, and stripped it of all the unnecessary stuff (side covers,
wiring, etc.). Battery is hidden under the seat bump."

Would be funny if it was part of your $200 bike ;o)

Stone said...

Too much 2am blog surfing.
If I'd have actually looked at the photo, it would've been pretty obvious it was a Honda and that it was a 4 stroke.
I lose... amateur hour.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

;o) that's like me leaving drunken texts.. it's always funny to go back the next day to see what came out of my mouth. Sometimes it's not funny, it's scary haha


Stone said...

Drunken communication via any android device rules.
My mother is Cindy... my mother is a saint.