Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Insight 51

This is taken from Insight's latest campaign. They have collaborated with a number of artists worldwide-the artist in this piece is Knitta Please.

Via here -Pretty cool. Speaking of cool, I gave my notice to my job today. It was a bit emotional for me because I've been here for nearly 9 years. There's just no room for advancement and I'm one of those people who still haven't figured out their niche in life. Starting Monday I will be working for the airlines as a Sr File Clerk, researching refunds. The best part about this job is that I can fly for free! I'm guessing I will be spending a lot of time in California and hopefully make it back to Chicago to see family and friends as well as Idaho to see Cindy. Oh, this means I wont be on the computer all day long bcuz I will actually have to work. I will still try to keep up with posting tho. I wouldn't want any of you to miss me. Would you miss me?

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