Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ooooh Caliente.

These are my San Marzano Tomato plants. I sprouted them from seeds I ordered off of Ebay but they haven't gotten any bigger for weeks, I'm not very good with growing stuff from seeds. It's hard to find this kind of Tomato in the stores and it's considered one of the best sauce Tomatoes in the world. More info here I love a good pasta sauce, so I thought I'd try growing these lil buggers myself.

I finally got around to taking a pic of my Dad's tattoos. He loves Snoopy and Rat Fink. His skin is as tough as leather from working on cars his whole life-so thick that my lil Brothers friend Cleen Rock (beware the site plays music) broke 3 needles trying to tattoo him HAHA.. They are faded due to being neglected in the harsh Arizona sun.

Here's what he brought home from Stockton, CA today- a '64 Comet Caliente Convertible. He's restoring it for my lil Brothers buddy in Chicago. I wish it was MINE!


Anonymous said...

That's one hell of a car.

Gnar Jen said...

surprised there aren't 10 comments on how rad your dad's tattoos are!!