Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Weekend.

Caught in action. There's a pack of hummingbirds that hang around the feeders out back. They are SO rad.

Two things I got at the thriftstore to put on ebay-old pyrex

and A carpet purse.

Oh, and this. I passed the motorcycle riding course! There were some easy parts and some hard parts. I will def practice more before I put myself out on the crazy roads of AZ. I don't know how you motorcross dudes do those crazy tricks. It's frustrating when you hear everybody tell you how dangerous riding a bike is and how they know somebody that was hurt or killed. If anybody else has any tips on how to be a good rider I'm more than willing to listen.


Anonymous said...

Congrats love! Motorcycles are inherently dangerous, but that's part of the appeal. Almost anything worth doing has some element of danger in it. Nobody likes a nag...ride how you want to ride. There are always going to be people out there that allow fear to keep them from living...but you're not one of them! So, get some practice miles under your belt...banish fear from your mind and put your knees in the breeze! ;)

Anonymous said...

The things is no pot and no beer. that's help a lot to don't fall ha ha ha

Have fun !

David Bond said...

Cars are the biggest danger, don't ever assume that they are paying attention. Drivers will more often than not look right at you, and then pull right out in front of you. Have fun, Arizona has great riding roads!

Rowan said...

well done sweet pea.... now get out there and ride the beejeezus out of it

Psychedelicsister said...

Congrats dude, that's rad!
I'm too much of a pussy to ride even though I secretly dream about it.

Anonymous said...

Keep your Head on a swivel an youll do great just watch out for the little sweeties texing from a old gray beard