Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ok, Ok, these 3 bottles I bought for myself on Friday. Sadly they were gone by Tuesday I did get a bottle from my friends tho for my bday as well. Once Trader Joe's gets the Chariot Gypsy in it's usually gone within a few weeks and then off the shelves for MONTHS so you have to stock up. $4.99 a bottle's not too bad for a good wine.
This bracelet is from my friends Janet, Meg, Jessica and Virginia. Thanks guys!!!!! I'm now your slave. xxx000 Can you believe silver is at $40 an OUNCE!!!!! FUCK!

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Anonymous said...

Ha...that's the wine I got drunk on last Saturday. God stuff actually...smooth and not too sweet. Very pretty present! Glad you had a nice birthday Cindylou, wish I could've been there to celebrate with you!