Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gucci? Yes Please.

Scored these sweet GUCCI Moto boots for $50 yesterday at Last Chance-esp good deal considering they retailed for $840. They weren't as dirty as they look in the pic when I first got them, that's just what happens when I acquire something, I'm a dirty girl.

All boots have been half off these last few weeks. If you love Hunter Wellies then go now bcuz they are $35!! If I didn't live in AZ i'd jump on that, but it never rains here so I don't need them. I guess I don't really need another pair of boots either but I'm not passing up that deal. It helped make the bad day I had at work good.


Lonesome Mama said...

You're kiddng me, they're awesome! You had made some true bargains lately!

cosmic visions said...

aaaah! you are getting so many kickass pairs of boots right now. sweet!

Liz said...

That is a pretty sweet score!