Sunday, April 17, 2011


If you look closely you can see my reflection in the photo as well.

A neat lil old German car/van thingy. I don't like the wheels at ALL tho.

My photo's a lil cockeyed…Miami, AZ.
The cute spring flowers are starting to pop up.

This was a border along the top of an old store window. I couldn't tell if it was painted on or if it was a decal? Pretty rad tho. Did you all know that I LOVE antique stores? The prob is I want everything in them.
I don't know about you but I see a lot of lil faces on the right.

And I see an Indian standing on the side of the rocks looking out in this one.


Rob said...

you do have an eye for cock...

Fashion Serial Killer said...

that's true.. cock and dickheads!

goldlionaz said...

great photos!!