Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Week.

One week left. I'm giving myself a 3 drink limit. I don't want to end up like this lady above because LORD knows I would do something like that if I was to have too many drinks.
I will always die laughing to this video below-their dance moves are killer.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha the vid !!!! Time to call an exorcist !!!! Ha ha ha !!!

Had fun :)

BoBo Jufat said...

There's little to no chance that any (and I mean ANY) drink limits will be adhered to... it's just against all things that are by definition solid. So just go disco and deal with it all when it comes down. There's going to be a revelation in the next week. A very very serious revelation! and a lot of alcohol to blame it on! Cheers Senorita Killa. What? Why yes, I am drunk right now... and I can tell the future... where I will be drunk again. But only in mexico will I achieve Blackout Drunk Status!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Allen, you are funny! I can't wait to party in mexico with you again. My friend rob says I'm annoying when I'm drunk and so I was going to try and behave so I don't annoy everybody.