Friday, August 19, 2011


But let me tell you a little story about bodysuits and me. The other day I wore one to work with a vintage wrap skirt and me, being the lazy ass I am, decided to just pull the crotch to the side while peeing instead of stripping down.  I was so busy pulling the crotch to the side that I didn't realize a huge section of my skirt was in the toilet enjoying a nice golden shower. I stood up and all this water poured down on the ground and near the stall to the left (that somebody was in). I had to say something out loud so they didn't think I was pissing all over the damn floor!! I stick out like a sore thumb in my corporate job with the clothes I wear so whoever was next to me could easily spot me out in the crowd by my shoes so I didn't want to just leave it and not say anything. I rinsed the skirt off in the sink which  made the wet spot even BIGGER. Thus, I had to walk back to my desk with a gigantic wet spot on the back of my skirt. The walk of shame.


A said...

This happened to me as punishment for wearing a jumper not too long ago. I had been stripping all the way down to pee, but then a friend gave me shit for taking too long. Next attempt, I went with the crotch pull....was rewarded with a jumper ass covered in friend came to regret rushing me when I later sat in her car.

PS - love your bike. My mom had a Honda CB (I think 750) when I was growing up...fond memories.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha ha PHEW i'm not the only one who gives golden showers ;oP

aww. i'm glad you dig the bike. I'm hoping it will be done sometime this century. Thanks for checking out my site