Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"The Past Recedes"

 The Sisters of Mercy show was a weird one- Ya know why? PUBLIC ENEMY OPENED FOR THEM!!!!!  So Sick..Such a weird crowd. God, Chicago in the 90's was soo good for shows.
 RIP hot stuff.
 Jawbreaker's last tour. *sigh*
I found all my old ticket's !


Ms.Lou said...

Yes, Chicago in the 90's did have great shows. But was that the city or the times?

David Bond said...

Ah too go back... Buckley, that rules good one. I saw Ian play with his earlier band, when i was in junior high, but that just means I'm old...

Motorradfahrer said...

Fugazi - Shellac - Make Up show must have been amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wooo hooooo Fugazi !!!!! I'm so sick to never has seen them on stage !!!! :(

Love Make up !! Still gor their 45 RPM "POW ! To the people"