Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Shades of Dirty.

I want my hair to look like this in a bun but whenever I do put my hair in a bun it doesn't look like that.

I love her jacket..P.e.t.a can beat me black and blue.

Via dosage tumblr


Gnar Jen said...

you gotta twist your hair around after you ponytail it and then bun it. should get that look.

absolutely YES on that jacket setup. looks like you could just buy a deer hide and cut and sew it real easy to make one yourself.

and FUCK YES on that last photo. OH MAN. SO shredding!!! That's like the ultimate perfect shot/bike/look. Amazing.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks Jen!!! I will try the hair thing.

Too bad my dad doesnt hunt deer any longer (it's too hard to get picked to hunt in AZ i guess) he gave up. I always think of you when i see cool biker shots like that. ;o)