Monday, October 3, 2011


 There's this super cool "Ghost Town" in Jerome run by this gentleman named Don. He's super cool and has THE most awesome collection of EVERYTHING!! He's the one I posted about before with that bike "The Skinny Bitch" see them here

 My jaw dropped when I saw this on the ground near one of the old trucks. Apparently there was a company who's logo was "Super WHITE Power"  WTH!!!

 driving towards Strawberry after leaving Jerome/Cottonwood.
 I can't remember if this is a Yucca or an Agave of some sort?
 Up near my fav place to camp - the Mogollon Rim.

 If you click on it you'll see the full splendor -hundreds of Saguaro's-prob 1,000's
 discovered this back road that was all dirt for miles and miles. Rte 88. So awesome and beautiful. My lil Honda car wasn't so thrilled with it tho. It takes you back past Apache Lake/Canyon Lake.

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