Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Bounty.

 So these are all the letters we found while exploring the other weekend. I'm slowly putting them on my Etsy site (the link is the to left on my main blog page). Here's what I could come up with while trying to figure out what words they could spell. I ALMOST had Vagina but I could only do it Borat style "Vagine" but silly me spelled it wrong when I took the pic, imagine that-me spelling Vagina wrong-duh... I had "Vagnine".. I'm having a hard time listing them bcuz I don't know how to resize pics with a Mac computer! UGH!

my piles of stuff... I usually rip holes in my clothes from being so clumsy and ripping the ass out of my pants or huge holes in other places or I have to alter clothes from being a slim, small chested girl (why do the make everything for big chested girls? not fair!) so I get a big pile going and do it all at once-that's what that pile is on the right.

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