Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tour De Fat Tire.

Vagina face with penis faced baby

Me, Janet and Aiden. I got that bike from the thriftstore for $35!! But boy o boy is my ass sore after I ride it-there's no cushioning at all.
a "Bike Buh Que" bike- HOT DOG!
I found that doll head out in the desert where the "Domes" are in Casa Grande. Super creepy.
I also picked up that sweet lil metal wheel thingy on the side of the street on the way to the bike parade. I love finding neat junk.
It's hard to see but that bike with the metal lunchbox on the back in the top right was super rad, so was his Dad's bike.

These guys were selling their pitbull/cane corso pups on Mill Ave. I put chichi in there and she wanted out! Chichi was so good, she rode in my bike basket the whole time.


David Bond said...

Nice straight-bar, J.C. Higgins? Great price, Arizona prices?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

it's actually a Hawthorne- Montgomery Wards! I just got lucky at this one thrift-store they must not have watched American Pickers- ha! I don't think it's worth very much but it's def worth more than $35