Monday, July 16, 2012


 Total dream house in Palm Springs. Jd's friend lent it to us for our weekend celebration. It was in the LA Times Home Magazine January 1st 1956. So rad

 Oli!!!!! he he
 Even the ceiling was wall papered this leaf print. So rad.
 I brought this sucker home. 

 There's a peeping Tom hole in the bushes. 

My Ruby. Super Happy!!


goldlionaz said...

that house is unbelievable, what a cool place to stay. Congratulations!! You give us single girls back in phoenix something to hope for ;)

Anonymous said...

Cindy i hate you ;D ! you had the cutiest feet ever, an awesome boyfriend and a villegiature in a midcentury house !!!! That's cool !!!
no i'm not jealous, not at all........................... ok, just a little bit ;)))



Anonymous said...

is this a torero poster by Georges Buffet ?

Ms.Lou said...

Now that is what Palm Springs is for. Great pics!

MotorParade said...

Perfect weather with perfect people on a perfect spot... wow!!