Friday, January 16, 2015

"The past recedes"

I'm loving finding old love letters from the past. This ones from a boy I had a brief fling with in London in the early 2000's. *sigh*

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shrew said...

I am applying for a visa to move to South Africa to be with my girlfriend. We are having to submit proof we have been together for a while and that includes letters to one another. She sent me scans of them today but ours aren't really that romantic. In one I'd sent her some stuff through the post and it had included a cat toy (she'd just got a cat) and some pork scratchings. I talk about the other cat toy I'd seen in the shop that had only one eye and then tell her about pork scratchings and the "rare" ones with stubbly hairs in them. She sent me some stuff back that included bath beans of animals and a dinosaur egg you put in water that then grows to a foam dinosaur. I hope they will suffice for the application! Anyway, it is always nice reading through those sorts of things and looking back to how things were and how they are. Our letters always bring a smile to my face and remind me of how lucky I am. I think that goes for looking back at not so good things too.