Monday, April 21, 2008

Cindy Sundays

Ruby Cowgirl.
On the way to Lake Pleasant

See all the green slime?

The dogs had a good day
Cindy and Mone at the Yucca

My newest Cindy Sunday partner is leaving Thursday. My house will be empty again and i'll be back to having 3 crazy mutts instead of 4. I'll have to find a new Cindy Sunday partner. Saturday we went to the Yucca for the Maricopa Country Prison Band record release party. Dana was spinning some records in between sets and a few other folks showed up.
Sunday we headed back up to Lake Pleasant with the dogs and a cooler full of beer, chips and dip. It started out a bit rough but ended up being a really good time. We decided to try to take the backroads to the lake.. that wasn't such a good idea, so we turned around and just paid the damn fee and set up camp at an area we had yet to visit. It was green and mossy and more of a fishing spot than a swimming spot. The dogs knocked over my beer and ran over the sleeping bag getting that, and the french onion dip full of dirt.. grrrr.... All in all it turned out good and we passed out on the sleeping bag with all the dogs and baked our bodies.


Benedicte said...

Nice and summerish pictures!

Anonymous said...

wow. this looks soooooo nice. i have an old pitbull boxer ridgeback! he's 11. i just love him! i wish i had two more...

Fashion Serial Killer said...

thanks for the comments!!! ;o) I bet your old pitbull, boxer, ridgeback is super cute. Atilla is almost 10!