Monday, April 21, 2008

A Small Get Together..


Meg and Chi Chi.. Chi Chi was trying to drink her beer!
Cindy, Meg, Me and Janet. These are some of the BEST girls in AZ
pics of my dirty/clean humble abode. I have so many clothes that I have 4 under bed bins hiding under there
and two dressers and a pole full of MORE clothes.. oh LORD what's wrong with me!

Ben's shoes, me and Atilla..
Cindy A rearranged the living room and small kitchen nook area to help open up my tiny one bedroom apt for guests. It wasn't a big blow out, just chill with good company.

If you could see my apt up close you'd see that the walls are covered in dust. The landlords wont put any rock or landscaping in the yard to help deter the dust. it's HORRIBLE.
My green bathroom. I found the sea horses at an estate sale.. I love sea horses, I think it's cute how they stay with their loves forever.

This room is usually filled with 3 bikes. I tend to have more than one of everything. 3 dogs, 3 bikes, 3 best friends..
So Friday night Janet, Meg, Wez, Ben D, Neighbor, Dana, Cindy and I hungout and drank beers and chit chatted. It was a good time...Ruby was humping Wez and Chi Chi was trying to mooch beer and Atilla was trying to Smoke. What is wrong with my animals? I KNOW they aren't learning this stuff from me.. or ARE they? You will never know. Ben made a good point about texting. He says he hates texting (i'm starting to hate my drunk texts-i have to delete certain numbers from my phone to prevent me from sending MORE drunk texts HA) Ben says that when somebody texts him he'll just text back a word that makes no sense at all, thus forcing people to just call him instead of texting him. I may try this sometime, I have realized how texting and emailing has turned us all into a bunch of social pussies. It's the easy way out.. we get dumped thru email, blown off thru texts. I've even turned into a bigger pussy because of it. We take the easy way out instead of talking face to face or even calling. I always felt that I was bothering people if I called them so I'd just send a text and if they responded then I wouldn't feel so bad. I need to cut back on my texting also. We'll see if I can do it.

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