Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stuff I don't need

I'm going to make my Mama buy this for me for my late B-day gift. I don't have any trees to hang it from but maybe I can find somewhere to hang it.
and maybe i'll be a jerk to my bank acct and buy this cute summer dress. I keep telling myself i'm going to kick my dress habit and start dressing like a boy again but I guess I can be part boy dresser and part girl dresser! ;o) again, anthropologie There is something about these shiny silver shoes that I love.. will I really wear them? Ask my 30 other shoes how often they get worn and then you'll have your answer.
These are mighty cute also!

Last but not least, these are THE best underwear I have purchased in a long time. They don't ride up your ass or give major pantylines... again, anthropologie


Benedicte said...

I like the silver shoes!

Anonymous said...

i love acorns!
hmmm, those shoes look a lot like calleen cordero...i wonder if she is doing private label for anthro...i have a pr of her flats and they are bar none the most comfortable shoe i have ever worn.

Unknown said...

That dress is cute! <3 Like the silver shoes also :)