Friday, May 2, 2008

I Toss a Mean Salad!

This is me trying to eat healthy, actually, it's me eating whatever food I have left in my fridge because I blow my paycheck within two days of getting it. The Sweet Leaf Lemonade Tea is delicious! They were on sale 4/$5.00 at Sprouts ...yummmy.

My dream truck. The owner has to tease me everyday by parking it in the lot of the building behind us. I'd trade my Nissan truck for this any day. I wouldn't trade the gas mileage tho.. yikes. I bet this thing is one hell of a gas hog. Plus I'd purposely try to run stuff over in it, how could you NOT?

I cut my bangs myself. I will not post a close-up tho.. I got this cute dress at Anthropologie last year and it's the most comfy dress ever. It's a pain in the arse going up the stairs at work tho because I keep tripping on it.

ANYWAYS..... Last night I rode my bicycle thru the hood to get to the Modified to check out Ania's boyfriends band and Matt Hopper play. This funny crazy lady shows up out of no where and starts telling me how she has no panties on that she's 50 years old, just got SUPER stoned in the park and knows where to find the BEST marijuana. She said she loves smoking the "Mary Joo Juana" (pronounced just like that) She was about 5'4, blonde hair and a pretty fit bod for a 50 yr old AZ crackhead. She was wearing a skirt that fell to her knees and a t-shirt. She would go to sit on the floor and since she had no panties on, she would pull the skirt between her legs like a diaper and tell me " I gots ta cover the Snack Pack" HA HA HA.. She was also telling the singer of the one band that she will sing backup for them. I love people like this, they liven up my evening and make me laugh.

After the show we went to the Lost Leaf for some yummy beer. I had the Flying Dog in Heat Wheat, you should really try it if you like wheat beer. They had some of this guy Matt's artwork.. so cool! I put a few pics that I snagged from his myspace below and you can find more here

I keep forgetting to bring my hat with me to disguise my hair and the fact that I'm a girl riding alone on my flashy red bike at night. I get a wee bit frightened at times ESP when you ride past a strange dude just sitting on the side of the street for no reason at all and they say something to you.. It makes me ride even FASTER!!!


Anonymous said...

look at you...a doorbell.
a door bell.

crack heads are fit cause they can not sit still for the life of them. "snack pack" i'll be using that. thank you very much!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hehe sometimes I feel more like a KNOB ;O)

Rob said...

that chevy is neat-o, put a pic up for you overhere after i saw that one. what does that truck have to do with salad. nothing... perfect