Monday, June 9, 2008

The best weekend so far this year..

Friday after work I went to cash my check but they said the money wouldn't be available till Saturday.. I'm thinking i'm pretty much screwed when it comes to partying Friday night due to the fact that my truck was on Empty, my bank acct was overdrawn by $60 and my credit cards are maxed. I've nearly paid off all my credit cards and the only card I allow myself to use has a $500 limit. Good thing I looked down right after the bank teller told me that b-cuz there was a shiny new $50 bill laying on the ground. I swiftly swooped down and pocketed it. NO way in HELL am I giving $50 back to the bank after all the money they take from me with overdraft fees.

So Friday night we went to Cave Creek and hungout at the old country western bars. Our friend treated us to dinner and drinks.I had a delicious burger and an orange flavored hefeweizen- GOD why do I have to love cheeseburgers so darn much? We went to a few diff bars-Greasewood Flats and Pinnacle Patio. At the first bar/restaurant there was this group of women who were prob in their mid 40's??? One lady was wearing a short dress and she would be SURE to flash the WHOLE bar her snack pack..sweet jesus... no panties and bare as a baby.. ewwww.. I had a lot of fun and on the drive home I was talking in my sleep to Dana.. I tend to drift in and out of conciousness when i'm super tired and i'll have a few diff conversations at one time.

the walls were covered in business cards and there were ties all over the ceiling

the guys that used to be in Coyote were playing good ol' country songs


imagine all the money these old cowboy boots would make on ebay!

the cowboy with bruised knuckles. I asked him why his knuckles were all scabbed up and he said "from punching a horse" I almost punched him when I heard that.. wtf!
He said he just got his ears pierced. He had two gold horseshoes
Dana's turn to dance
Me and the ol' cowboy-I always try to lead.. don't ask me why. He kept getting mad at me.
dollar, dollar bills ya'll

Saturday night we attended the BEST party i've been to in a long time. Leon's house is AMAZING and it was a White Party-Hamptons Style. There were TONS of people and tons of booze. More pics HERE

Jaime and Tara Ania and Ryan
Leon and Maurizio
Mr Vargas and Sonia


Ania, Janet, Me, Dana and Sonia. My dress is from the 50's and it's all sheer with tiny black velvet polka dots all over and a big black velvet bow on the back. I wore a black slip b-cuz I couldn't find a white one-oops


Sunday we all gathered and went to a few different open pools. The Clarendon has a pool that is open to the public so we've been going there on Sunday Funday. The Hotel San Carlos has pool parties on Sunday also with a few DJ's that are pretty much the biggest scenesters I have EVER seen. It was fun tho and I ran into a few peeps I haven't seen in a while. The lobby above is at the Hotel San Carlos

Ania and Meg dancing it up. I was trying to get a pic of the pin-up girl in the red also. She had to have been in her late 30's maybe older and she had THE flattest belly.

This is Ania and me trying to be sly while trying to get a pic of one of the DJ's in the background. He had bigger boobs than I do and no shirt on

Tommy!! He said yesterday was his first day with a man purse so he was showing us all the different ways he could wear it.

Daniel and Rebecca

Chris and Vargas. Chris gained some points on my end, he asked if I did yoga and said that I have the body of a person that does a lot of yoga. AWW nice.. I always thought I had a gut

Dana, Ania, Me and Sonia poolside at the Clarendon

Vargas with his new girlfriend. They were filming a movie on the roof of the Clarendon and this must have been one of the extras

There was a big party for a group of lesbians at the hotel and they all got on this platform between the hot tub and the pool and started to do some kind of line dance
vargas wins for the most water logged hands
I love this pic of Tom-(sonia took this)

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