Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Heart On

THE Cutest new little charms I bought from my new favorite Etsy shop HERE
It's a love meter that has French on one side and English on the other!!! How cute!! I need to whip up a bunch of necklaces for my 2 week roadtrip that is in the works (Austin, Baton Rouge, Denver and Lord knows where else we may end up!) We'll def be hitting up as many thrifstores as possible and selling vintage dresses outside of shows also. I can't decide if we should hit up the willy wonka style clothing warehouse to buy more dresses to sell. She just makes you spend minimum of $350 each time you go.
I thought it would be cool to re-do one of these old Scamp Trailers and make the smallest little vintage shop in history and tow it behind the van. This one went for a little over $800 on Ebay recently

ADORABLE! I doubt we'd have time or the money for this tho.. anyhoooooo, this is the plan so far.... we'll see what pans out down the line.

OH and more charms from my new fav Etsy shop!


Anonymous said...

Fixing up a Scamp sounds like good hard fun. (doesn't that sound raunchy?)

My dream (and the dream of a billion other folks) is to fix up an Airstream and park it somewhere in the woods for a summer place.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

That would be SO nice.. maybe we can make an airstream housing community in the woods!