Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thrift Finds etc.. etc...

Look where I found my crazy cat.. I have her food in that glass jar. She also tried to eat the brown sugar-there were holes all in the bag!!! Ok these Chloe heels I got on ebay but I may sell them, I don't wear them all that often. I figure i'm going to start taking photos of all my stuff for insurance purposes, esp the valuable stuff. I have renters insurance but no proof that I own anything. Plus, this is me being bored and trying to finish off the huge bottle of wine I bought-need to drink it all before it goes rancid. Marc Jacobs score at Last Chance-may sell these on ebay also. I just hardly wear them
Jazmine gave me these old, old platforms. They are like Rainbow Bright shoes huh? Cha, Cha, Cha! This is that White Dress I wore to the White Party. It's completely see thru with lil black polka dots and lace trim. It's so pretty! I think i'll be keeping this one. It reminds me of the one kate moss is wearing here that is very revealing

I got this Lanvin shirt (2007 collection) at Last Chance for $9!!!!! It's like a poet's shirt with cool pleats on the back. I'm scared to wear it most of the time b-cuz I am super clumsy and ruin lots of white clothing and this one I can sell on ebay down the road and make a couple extra bucks. I have a hard time deciding what to wear it with also.
Below is the dress I wore for the X-Mas Party in Tempe. I got it at an Estate Sale for $25 and now it's pretty much ruined. I was so drunk I ripped the sleeve off, tore a few other sections and stained it HA! Oops, I always feel so bad ruining vintage because it lived a full life until it meets me. The dress was also more fragile than I thought. If you just pull on certain areas gently it rips like tissue paper. I believe it's an early 1900's dress

Tons of hand stitched details
see all those black holes in the grey section? yup..holes, so fragile

The sleeves have a tulip shape. They are really big at the wrists and fitted

Love the floral print on this dress-the cut on the back is super sexy. I had to have it altered to fit my non-existent chest. It reminds me of the floral Prada dresses from last year..

Cute lil pinafore by Woolrich. It seems to me that somebody added the red details themselves. I feel like Heidi when I wear it.
This is my favorite thrift find- fits me to a T.

I love the star details on the front of this dress. Inside the lil stars are rhinestones. I wear this one to work a lot.

Ok, this one is WAAY to frilly for me. It's a Jodi of California dress and it's so foofy. I thought about cutting it or dyeing it.

I have yet to wear this one. I had it altered. Maybe i'll wear this one for dinner with the girls.

Wearing this one right now! It's polyester tho..

Now on to the house goods - This Kitchenaid mixer I got at an Estate Sale for $50 and spray painted it baby blue.
This Staub cast iron tea kettle. I saw it in a magazine in orange and was like " I want one of those!" I love orange things but.. it was $100+!! So I gave up and then I found it at Goodwill for $9.99
Love these high waisted jeans from the 70's

These 70s bell bottoms remind me of Marc Jacobs a few seasons back.


Sunshine said...

ok 3 things:
-that is the lanvin shirt you mentioned!?! so good.
-if those chloe heels are size 7 let me know pretty please
-also those jeans are to die for. i never find vintage denim

Fashion Serial Killer said...

3 back at ya
1) yes! it's pretty huh? any tips on how i should wear it?
2) heels are a 8.5
3) i hardly find denim either, these were an exception. ;o)

Sunshine said...

i bought my tux shirt back in my breakfast at tiffany's phase, so i think that sort of thing is ideal thrown on like you just woke up and threw on the shirt closest to the bed, which happened to have been left on the floor by your date the night before :) so toss it on over a silky lacy slip or cute little bloomers or skinny leggings - i am really dying for a pair of floral leggings.. nasty old cut-off camo shorts.. some sort of flannel miniskirt... you have options.
as for ruining it, mine is covered w spots, but it is so big they are hard to find. and i always play it like i just did that damage in the car a minute ago. accidents happen all the time. or they do to me anyway ;)

ok now i see i need to fashion myself a plaid flannel miniskirt.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA! Genius! that all sounds so good. You always look cute in your pics and your house and hair is so cool.I'll keep my eye open for all of those in the 2nd hand shops for ya ;o)

Anonymous said...

You have the coolest wardrobe evah!