Monday, July 28, 2008

Bisbee 2008

the entrance into the mine.

At the mine tour... It was pretty wild.. We went 1,500 feet into the mine. More info here They bring you in a few 100 feet and then stop and explain the whole tour more and how far down you'll go and my Dad chickened out and walked back HA HA.. I also know where I get my non-stop talking habit from.. my Dad! I swear he talked the whole way back.

My Sister Cheryl and nephew Justin
my nephew Justin

The toilet train! The people who operate these get paid $16 an hour.

The big bosses ride these bikes around and check to see that you did what you told them you did.
It was 46 degrees in the mine and musty!
Taking the train thru the tunnels was so wild. The guy said that some of these lil trains go 60 miles an hour.

Pretty downtown Bisbee. It rained at first but then was perfect and in the mid 70's.
A pretty garden with tons of sunflowers.

Cool stencil graffiti

Isn't this the best staircase? Bisbee is full of cool stairways
We finished it all off with delicious sundae's from MacAlpines back in Phoenix.. THEY WERE SO GOOOOOOD!
Justin is missing nearly ALL his baby teeth HA

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He's getting so big!