Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Friday night we drove down to Tucson to party it up. If you stay at the Congress and check in after midnight it's only $50!!!!! BUT------there's a HUGE downfall to staying there in the summer.... NO AIR!!! It was hotter 'n hell but Vargas hooked it up by snagging some fans from the hallways for our room. We started off at the Nimbus Brewery with a few beers and burgers and then headed to PLUSH to catch up with Maui's band and my friend Omer for a bit. Ended up at The Tap Room at the Congress and continued partying. We got back to the room and started trying to do crazy yoga poses like the scorpion that Jazmine tried to teach me. I'll have to post some of those crazy pics once Janet uploads them ;o)

I was out of commission the whole next day and night tho.. someday I'll learn to not mix beer, whiskey and wine. NOT to mention I nearly died of a heart attack when I was recovering on the couch. The cat brought in a HUGE Palo Verde Beetle earlier in the day unbeknownst to me and it came flying towards me and bouncing off the walls. I screamed so loud and freaked the dogs out from me screaming so loudly. I ran outside to see if my neighbor was home--NOPE, so I was forced to take on this bug myself. NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atilla kept pawing at it and barking. I managed to kill it and flush it down the toilet.

A Palo Verde Beetle..
Mr John Dillinger stayed at the Congress.. he was captured here but Chicago holds the claim to his place of death. He was murdered outside of the Biograph Theatre in Lincoln Park. We used to go to shows at the Lounge Ax all the time and the Biograph was right across the street.
With wine glasses this full trouble was BOUND to happen...
These fans in the hallways slowly made it into our room. he he..

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