Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Andy V One Man Band
Room 101

He is transparent
Andy V
Strategic poster placement for an upcoming show at the Hollywood Alley for Jay Reatard

Last night I had some special visitors and stayed up way too late!! Rob from Room 101 came to town with his good friend Andy V (Andy V One Man Band). They are just about done with a summer tour and had a show last night at the Hollywood Alley. It's amazing how these one man bands perform. I do not have the coordination to do such things. It was fun and so nice to finally meet Rob. They are such great guys and very appreciative. I tortured them with my cooking (tacos) and then my dogs did the rest of the torturing. I think they had a tongue bath by the end of the night. Andy tried to teach me some harmonica but I don't recall any of it due to drinking too much. The Hollywood Alley is actually a pretty cool place to have gigs. I love all the booths.

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