Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More random pics..

I always look so bored in my childhood pics..guess which one is me..I'm on my Uncle Bran's lap. That's my dad and older sister Cheryl on the right. My Uncle Brian is SO tall he has to lean down to go thru doors. My Dad grew up in Northern Minnesota and he went to the same high school as Bob Dylan. His family lived in the middle of nowhere, had to walk a mile to get the mail and cut wood all day so they weren't allowed to participate in any after school activities because my Grandma had 4 boys to raise alone in the woods and the boys had too much work to do at home.
My Dad has all kinds of crazy stories from his childhood. When he was younger they were throwing rocks at the chickens and thought they killed one of them so they had to hide the evidence before my grandma found out so he threw the chicken down the outhouse only to find out that the chicken was still alive, it was just unconscious when they first threw it in. My Grandma made them fish the chicken out of the outhouse.. YUCK!
Atilla and Ruby-Treat time!
I love how Ruby eats her treats. You'd think she spent a year in prison by the way she eats between her legs. She hasn't had any medical problems lately but she just wont put on any weight. I have been feeding them California Natural and it's not cheap $45 for a 36lb bag. She's just so hyper! Boxers are the greatest dogs ever tho.
Last night was a good night! I came home from work to find that American Airlines wrote me back regarding the airplane ticket that expired before I could use it and believe it or not, they sent me a $311 VOUCHER!! WOAH! I was so happy. I also did a month and a half worth of laundry and saw some lady pulling into her parking space but going way too far so she jumped the parking curb HA HA! I got a lot done last night and those are always the best nights.
Sorry about the comment approval now, I have a blog stalker leaving funny comments. Some people have more issues than I do (amazing huh?)


Unknown said...

My family tells the same type of story. Like the time a skunk came in the yard and my grandad who was about 10 at the time and his brother shot at it with a shotgun but missed the skunk and killed several of the chickens while the skunk sprayed all over the yard and got away. He said his mom didn't have to wash the smell of of them because she whupped it off with a switch.
Love your blog keep writing.
If you ever want to display some of your family pictures Here is a great place to look into. They are very good.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

aww. thanks!! I'm glad you like it. That's funny about your family stories! HA "whupped it off with a switch" We used to stuff our pants with extra underwear when it came time for the belt ;oP