Monday, August 25, 2008

What a boob!

Dang this picture posting thing, sorry some of them are turned sideways but you can still get the point. I went thrifting Saturday and I found some good stuff. Some cool old books and some ol' 78 records that are worth a hunka change. OH! Let me also tell you that I walked around the whole thriftstore, God knows how long, with my right boob hanging out. There isn't much to hangout but BOY was that embarrassing. I was only wearing a loose tank top and carrying the old 78 records under my arm not realizing that it had taken my whole shirt down with it. I looked in the mirror later on and saw my boob and I pulled my shirt up so fast and turned around to see if anybody was looking HA HA HA! I did notice this same guy at all the thriftstores I went to, that was weird, I thought for a second he was trailing me thinking I was a hooker or worse a TWEEKER!

I love all the artwork in this Kids book Blueberries for Sal

The photo above and below are the back pages of the book

Check it out! I don't have 78 speed on my record player at home so these are going to most likely go on ebay bcuz I saw that the Johnny Cash one goes for $90+
I love the cover of this book on the old west. I know somebody who would love to do some art on this front page.. nerd.

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Emily said...

Ooo Blueberries for Sal! My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite book as a kid.