Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Ruby..Still Shining Bright!

My poor lil Ruby has a bladder infection! I guess it's better than the other possiblity that she had kidney disease. This poor dog has been thru so much, she's a real trooper tho! Since we have moved into the new pad the dogs have been a bit stressed and aggressive due to the change. I'm stressed out thinking about them getting bit by scorpions (we've seen about 12 so far outside) We killed them all when we found them, I even burned one. JR told me that in Mexico they said if you burn them till they are all smokey they will never come back.. HA, wishful thinking.... stupid folklore!

It's so nice to be walking distance from a trail head. We met the neighbor south of us and I met another neighbor while I was walking to the trail Saturday morning. They have all been super nice so far, so that's good. The house North of us is pretty rad and they own this company -that explains the amazing house and I can only imagine how neat the inside must be. I bet they'd have an awesome garage sale IF they ever had one. I prefer antiques tho...but some modern furniture is neat-o
so far the new house is awesome, I just wish I could SLEEP... Come one, come all we'll have a dinner party as soon as we settle in 100%. We've both done very well when it comes to getting rid of excess crap.

blabber, blabber. I'm a dork! One more week till Cat Power YIPPEEEEE! Thanks Shannon ;o)

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Charlene said...

yes yes... cat power!! I fucking lover her!!!! amazing take photos!!! I just saw her 2 weeks ago!